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Ah, the Married Life: An educational comedy?

Right there? No, right THERE.

I’m a lucky gal, because when I got home from work today, I found out my Husband was doing the grocery shopping.  Yep, and he even remembered my favorite yogurt (Chobani Black Cherry- Mmm, so creamy!).  He arrived home shortly after me, and to my surprise and delight he even picked up some herbs and veggies for us to plant in our tiny little garden.

He picked a sweet little assortment including tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, rosemary, cilantro and eggplant.  I was pumped, and have been inching to get my hands dirty in the garden.

We grilled some steak for dinner, and my Husband suggested we plant the new seedlings while we let the steak rest.  I agreed, however hesitantly.  You see, I wanted to plan out what I would plant where.  Our little garden plot is in the front corner of our back yard, in a perfect day-long bath of sun.  So, it was no question that they would go there.  My sweet, sweet Husband lovingly began to mix in the top soil, as I read the specs on each seedling.  Suddenly, there were already holes in the ground, and the Hubs was asking me to pass him the plants.

At that very moment, I was thinking about which ones are perennials, so that I could be sure to place them perfectly, since they will come back the following year.  It was then I realized a fundamental difference between us, and I learned a little something about myself.  It may not even mean anything, but what I realized is that my husband is more actionable, and I am more cerebral.  I would have preffered to marinate on where I’d plant the seedlings, and double check that it’s not too early to plant, and the like.

My husband, on the other hand, wanted more to get them in the ground, so he could go inside and have dinner.  Which, I totally understand, and frankly, I was willing to hand feed it to him, while fanning him with a palm leaf for getting the groceries.  This fundamental difference between us just made me laugh.  Out loud.

Maybe I’m just a pain in the ass, and my dear Husband is a Saint…?  Yep.  That’s it.

Mmmm, peppers!